Protect Health. From the most Natural Materials

In 2004, Biomed Herbal established based on this belief. We took "Insist on nature; Protect health" as our mission. Focus on health-care, nutrition and biotechnology business fields.

People-oriented, Asking Nature for Advice

We know that the commitment of protecting life requires selfless devotion and subtle inspection. Insisting on the concept of nature and health. Is the most powerful force to achieve the sustainable life. 

Biomed integrates health care technology

Biomed Herbal focuses on health biotechnology field. At the early stage, Biomed actively developed natural ingredients of health-care nutrition food, and simultaneously introduce the world’s leading biotechnology resources and patented technology. Moreover, we are the exclusive agent of many health-care materials with internationally famous brands. In addition, we not only provide general materials of health-care food, but also devote with foresight and macro vision of worldwide health-care market to researching and developing the manufacture of special patented health-care food materials in order to satisfy customers’ needs.

The positioning of Biomed Herbal is the comprehensive integration platform of biotechnology. Biomed Herbal equips with diversified marketing planning capacity including developing patented ingredients, establishing platforms of formulation, examining certified or finished products. Biomed Herbal can provide exclusively customized service for costumers.

Given the trend of the globalization of health-care biotechnology industry, Biomed Herbal involves more actively in researching and developing patented technique of natural health-care food ingredients, and continuously improves on upgrading technique of products to develop more and better Taiwan’s local natural health-care ingredients. Therefore, top health-care biotechnology products can enter international market to creatively provide service of leading biotechnology and marketing integration, and to protect health, enrich life and make healthy life reach a new level.