From the nature, return to the original essence of life.

While pursing growth, Biomed Herbal never forgets the corporate social responsibility. Over the years, we have been supported social care in physical actions. We insist on using local Taiwan’s fresh materials to develop natural health biotechnology products. We cherish farmers and pay back to the society to uplift the local spirit. Biomed Herbal starts from the origin to protect life by providing the purest ingredients. We hope through the power of biotechnology provide our next generation with the healthier, more sustainable beautiful world.

Care about the local. Prove with the physical action.

Over the years, Biomed Herbal has been care about Taiwan local fishermen and farmers and tried our efforts to activate economy in Taiwan rural and mountain area with physical actions. We extensively use the local healthiest natural ingredients from agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and purchase large amount of vegetables and fruits when product glut occurs to solve agricultural crisis. Biomed Herbal diligently explores more local natural ingredients with leading patented cryogenic grind and extraction to preserve the best activity of nutrients. Also, we hope that we can accumulate more positive influence on health-care biotechnology field with our top R & D capabilities, and moreover, let the world know more about Taiwan and then love Taiwan’s local good products.

Exclusive Patented Process

The deodorized highly active nattozimes are extracted and made into the material conducive to health through the exclusive patented process.

Aquaculture Plant at the West Lake

The pollution-free aquaculture plant at the West Lake was selected to culture Keshi Pearls produced by Hyriopsis cumingii Leas and make the patented micro-to-nano pearl powder.

Taiwan’s Native Species

The extract of Noni fruit as a native species in Taiwan is made into the highly active Noni fruit essence as the patented material conducive to health.

Taiwan's Innovative Technologies

The patented organic sporocarp of Cordyceps militaris produced by solid-state fermentation (SSF) is cultivated using Taiwan's innovative technologies.

Red Worms cultured in the Pollution-Free Soil

The pure and pollution-free soil is used to culture red worms, which are then made into the high-quality red worm powder using the patented process technology.

The Pure and High-Quality Aquaculture Plant

Healthy fish scales obtained from the Pure and High-Quality Aquaculture Plant are made into the patented extract with top-quality collagen peptides.

Taiwan's Antrodia cinnamomea

Taiwan's Antrodia cinnamomea, also known as “Taiwan's Forest Ruby,” is the raw material for the patented sporocarp and mycelia of Taiwan's Antrodia cinnamomea.

Golden Clams from Shoufeng in Hualien

The extract of the pure and clean Golden Clams from Shoufeng in Hualien is the raw material for making the patented collagen peptides.

Organic Farming Techniques

Organic Farming Techniques are used throughout the planting process to ensure that each artichoke plant can acquire natural nutrients in abundance.

Carefully-Selected Fruits and Vegetables

Carefully-Selected Fruits and Vegetables must go through the four-stage pure culture bacterial fermentation process to completely preserve the enzymes and SOD activity of the fruits and vegetables and solve the crisis of agricultural surpluses.

Spring Water for Aquaculture

The soft-shell turtle (Trionyx sinensis) grown in the Wushan Mountain springs in the North Dawu Mountain of Taiwan is the raw material for making the patented extract of the soft-shell turtle.

Patent on Concentrate Extraction

The extract of snow-white Flammulina velutipes cultivated in the WuFeng is used as the raw material for making the patented and highly active polysaccharides.