Biomed Herbal Research Biomedical Group Headquarter

Biomed Herbal Research Biomedical Group Headquarter manages and arranges Biomed Herbal Group’s overall operation strategies and is in charge of planning and managing the overall business of operation, marketing, research and development, manufacture and distribution. Meanwhile, Biomed Herbal Group Headquarter shoulders the responsibility of all brand products of Biomed Herbal Group and communication and integration of domestic and international natural health-care biotechnologies and resources.

We not only devote ourselves to the market of natural ingredients for health-care products, but to the promotion of a whole food health-care concept and an all-natural healthy culture, in an attempt to building the world’s most professional and well-established industry chain of natural health-care biotechnology.

Group Global Business Head Office

It is responsible for the overall management and execution of the Group's global business strategies and development objectives, as well as the management and coordination of the Group's global business groups and inter-unit operations.

International Healthcare Operations Division

It is mainly to implement the concept of the operation plan of the Group headquarters, to flexibly coordinate the global business of the Group, to innovate and develop diversified products and services, and to continue to develop global markets and expand the scale of global operations.

Global Marketing Strategy Planning Division

The Division is responsible for researching the international health care market and related industries, planning and executing global marketing strategies for the Group's full range of extreme health care products, and providing a full range of product marketing planning services, from the development of patented extreme health care ingredients, contracting the production of extreme health care ingredients, consulting on formulation design, creating multiple dosage forms, quality control certification and inspection, and back-end finished products and packaging, etc. We are able to provide customers with a full range of customized extreme functional health care products and services.

Patent Biotechnology Research and Resource Integration Division

Under the auspices of the "Ten Biotechnology Laboratories", which fully grasps and integrates global healthcare biotechnology resources and technologies, we focus on exploring the ultimate nutritional value of natural materials, developing natural and highly effective healthcare biotechnology ingredients, and developing various patented biotechnology technologies; we also combine the WNR International Center for Natural Whole Food Nutritional Medicine and the GNR International Center for Genetic Biomedical Nutrition Research to promote the development of the application of precise health science, bringing customers comprehensive health protection with both efficacy and safety.

Patented Quality Control Division for the production of extremely effective raw materials

The five plants are combined with the "Pure Natural Farm", the "Happy Health Plant" and the "Patent Biotechnology Cultivation Center" to produce a wide range of natural and ultimate health care ingredients with high functional composition, high bioavailability and high nutritional efficiency.

Global Interdisciplinary Medical Biotechnology Research Center

The Natural Whole Food State Nutrition International Medical Research Center (WNR) and the International Genetic Organism Medical Nutrition Research Center (GNR), which are internationally renowned for their expertise in the fields of nutritional medicine, bio-applied technology, and genetic research, have been established. Center (WNR) and the International Genetic Organism Medical Nutrition Research Center (GNR), focusing on the scientific research of genomes and protein peptide carriers, to grasp the future health of human beings. The key to the future of human health.

Natural Whole Food State Nutrition International Medical Research Center (WNR)

The Natural Whole Food State Nutrition International Medical Research Center (WNR) is linked to the overall biotechnology resources of the the Group headquarters to conduct innovative research and development of functional health ingredients. WNR has become an important base for developing the global health and functional health market. In addition, the Whole Food State Nutrition International Medical Research Center has a team of resources and services that are well versed in global nutritional biotechnology research, and its key operating units are:

Global Nutrition and Biotechnology Resources Integration Management Division

We are looking forward to the future trend of extreme health care, mastering the natural health care technology resources around the world, sharing the latest health care resources and technology with our customers, and carrying out the integration management of global nutrition and biotechnology related resources.

International Clinical Trial Research Center

It is responsible for promoting and integrating international academic clinical research programs to facilitate the exploration of more potential customer needs, and is a strategic center to connect with the global market of the most effective health care.

Global high-end experimental equipment and biotechnology research coordination

With the international high level of perfect software and hardware experimental equipment and quality nutrition and biotechnology research environment, we can effectively accelerate the development of a full range of functional and highly effective health care products and strengthen the competitiveness of the international health care market.



International Genetic Organism Medical Nutrition Research Center (GNR)

The International Genetic Organism Medical Nutrition Research Center (GNR) has recruited internationally renowned top scholars and experts in the fields of precision nutritional medicine, bio-applied technology, and genetic research to form an integrated research center for cross-disciplinary scientific research and technology development, with the following key core responsibilities:

International Health Science Research Center

The International Health Sciences Research Center (IHSRC) conducts research on the health problems of all human beings at all stages of the life course, evaluates the correlation between environmental and nutritional impacts on the health of the population, and provides the highest quality reports on the current status of potential global population health crises and solutions to strengthen the foundation of health in advance.

Integration of Global Precision Health Science Resources

With the scientific research of genomic and protein peptide carriers as the core, we promote the application of precision health science and biotechnology to provide a long-term developmental research and practice plan for human health.

Leading the global health industry trend

The key to the future development of the global health industry is to promote personalized precision nutritional medicine for proactive prevention, with the goal of promoting optimal human health.