Insist on natural and healthy ingredients. Never compromise because of protecting health.

“Natural health, innovative research and development, resources integration, and robust integrity” are Biomed’s four major operation concepts. Our operation strategies are the macro vision, insisting on natural herbs and long-term devotion to heal-care biotechnology field. In addition to being an exclusive agent of ingredients and patented functional health-care ingredients of many international famous brands, we pay more attention to professional biotechnology research and development, and creatively develop many exclusively patented health-care food ingredients. Biomed Herbal shoulders the social responsibility of protecting health, so that we not only provide many top health-care ingredients, but also hope with professional technique to fully explore health-care biochemical nutriments with purification, patented microbiological fermentation, and patented cryogenic grind and extraction from natural ingredients in order to assist customers on developing unique and superior products, expand business opportunities, and provide the next generation with healthier and better lives.

Focus on developing patents of biotechnology. An overall revolution brings competitive strengths.

At the early stage, we had set up exclusive “HOPE Laboratory” and research and development teams, and spent money on introducing top examination equipment and recruiting the best and professional elites. We continuously and diligently working on improving patented R & D technique. Therefore, we have successfully developed many patents and exclusively advanced core techniques, including patented destructions of plant cell wall, patented plant cell wall disintegration, patented enhancement of sporulation rate of spore fungus, patented improving productivity of fermentation, patented electrified extraction of natural ingredients, patented protein hydrolyzed peptides technique, patented cryogenic grind technique, patented mixing technique of binding protein carrier of natural ingredients, patented technique of liposome embedding natural ingredients, patented technique of freeze crystal embedding natural ingredients, patented food freeze-drying equipment, and patented low-temperature spray drying technique. We have capability of analysis and marketing positioning to close to the market demand and precise capability of developing and manufacturing ingredients to provide customers with innovation and improve comprehensive competitiveness of products.

Innovative integration of supply and demand platform accelerates the improvement of brand pattern.

As a leader in the health-care ingredients market, we shoulder the responsibility of activating industry. The first step in our business is to satisfy customers’ needs with many years’ experience in marketing, leading patented R & D techniques, and in line with automated production lines and quantitative designs. We have absolute strength of development of new products, formulation design, certification or improvement. Biomed Herbal, closely with customers like the life community, has the strongest parallel integration platform in the ingredient market. We can provide exclusively customized service to accelerate the expansion of brand pattern.

Integrity roots in the market. Keep promise and do our best.

Integrity is the most important spirit of Biomed’s business. We insist on using natural health as base to provide one hundred percent of real materials and strictly examining all materials. We are honest and responsible to share all correct information of ingredients with customers and grasp market trends. We keep our promise to do our best and promptly reach customers’ needs. The attitude about integrity is the strongest reason for Biomed Herbal to rapidly win reputation in the health-care ingredient market.