Biomed 10 biotechnology laboratories devotes to innovative research and development of functional health-care biotechnology ingredients. With the highest level of professional precise equipment combining with design, R & D, examination, production and marketing service, we hope that we can provide the next generation with healthier and more beautiful life with the most advanced biotechnology and fully exploring naturally pure health-care products which can improve human health and quality of life.



Biotechnology Laboratory

Precise and comprehensive equipment. Quality is regarded the same as life.

Biomed 10 biotechnology laboratories have forward perspective on planning and macro perspective to enhance the level of R & D and continuously introduce all kinds of professional and precise equipment and the best talent, and master the latest information of biotechnology industry.

Using whole new R & D, optimization of effectiveness and validation of quality and combining with natural ingredients and innovative technology, we do our best to develop health-care technology products with the highest efficacy. To ensure the quality, efficacy and safety of products, Biomed 10 biotechnology laboratories also establishes complete and comprehends quality control system.

Form development of ingredients, formulation design to manufacture, isolation, purification, and extraction, every step is under biochemical examination, toxicity testing, and efficacy analysis. Based on scientific validation and under steps of strict control, we provide health-care products with the best quality for our customers.

Build the strongest examination platform

Biomed Herbal integrates and use abundant biotechnology resource network to set up the examination platform with cooperation between domestic and international well-known laboratories, examination center and academic institution and to jointly develop health-care products with latest biotechnology.

Meanwhile, with Biomed Herbal’s exclusively R & D techniques of patents, the full implementation of product validation and component analysis, and execution of quality control, we userigorous audit system with the highest standards, inspection of the quality and effectiveness of health-care ingredients.We check for customers as well as for the products and use innovative service to sustainably operate.

Professional and Precise Equipment