Global medicine has shifted from the therapeutic level to the assessment of human health risk and preventive care. It shifts from passive treatment to active prevention, and through the increasingly advanced medical technology, we can examine the human genetic blueprint and improve human cells in order to maintain the best health status. BIOMED herbal research is the leader of the global health and biotechnology industry trend, supported by the development of nutritional medicine, which precisely analyzes the special health needs of each part of the human body, and explore the pure and natural functional nutritional health product ingredients.
Meanwhile, Natural Whole Food State Nutrition International Medical Research Center (WNR) has been developing highly effective natural whole food nutrient formulas, and the International Genetic Organism Medical Nutrition Research Center (GNR) has integrated the development experience and innovative technology of genetic science, bio-applied technology, the latest medical trends, and the development of precise health science in a cross-field manner.
The International Genetic Organism Medical Nutrition Research Center (GNR) integrates genetic science, bio-applied technology, the latest medical trends, experience in the development of precision health science and innovative technology to develop highly effective natural functional materials. We are committed to developing highly effective natural and functional nutritional and health care products, mastering the key to the health of all people, leading them on a journey to a long and happy life.


Breakthrough the limits of biotechnology

In order to achieve the goal of ultimate health, BIOMED has partnered with the International Center for Natural Whole Food Nutritional Medicine (WNR), a global research center focused on the research of extreme natural whole food nutrient formulations, and the International Center for Genetic Biomedical Nutrition Research (GNR), an international research center that combines the application of biological science, the latest medical trends, genetic science research, and precision health science. We focus on analyzing the health needs of different ethnic groups at all ages, developing a full range of functional and extreme nutritional health formulas.

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