BIOMED has established a top biotech facility to ensure the quality of its all-round natural and ultimate health and nutrition formulations. BIOMED is committed to bringing people ultimate health, and has partnered with the Natural Whole Food State Nutrition International Medical Research Center (WNR), a global research center specializing in the development of highly effective natural whole food nutrient formulations, and the International Genetic Organism Medical Nutrition Research Center (GNR), a multidisciplinary research center for genetic science and bioapplied technology that promotes the development of precision health science to establish a laboratory ranking top 10 of the world.
BIOMED is committed to protecting human health by creating a full range of functional and ultimate nutritional formulas that perfectly meet the health needs of different age group. We carefully control the unique biotechnology-proprietary manufacturing process of each product with strict shipping inspection, and detailed records of product production history to ensure that each product has excellent efficacy and excellent safety. Through the most stringent international quality certification, in line with the concept of protecting the health of all people, we promise to lead people to the path of ultimate health and happiness.