Patent Technology that enhances and purifies human energy

All biological beings have their own resonance frequencies. All living beings engage in energy transfer with other living beings, the world around them and even themselves.
The QRT (Quantum Resonance Technology) is an invention developed through 25 years of search and can support as well as enhance the human resonance energy system.

Restore the body’s energy and resist external interferences

Scientific research discovered that each individual physics system is surrounded by flowing energy. The “biological energy field” is even categorized under supplementary & alternative medicine (CAM) as a form of energy therapy. Quantum Resonance Technology related product series can sense the body’s resonance frequency and stabilize signal transmission, so that biological organisms can operate with high efficiency and release stress as well as reaching a healthy balance for both the body and mind.

The technology is most effective in these scenarios

  • Enhance physical endurance
  • Ease pressure generated of competitive situations, keeping the participants in their optimal status.

  • Excessive period of logical thinking
  • Helps enhance concentration for students, creators, planning personnel.

  • Highly stressed & emotionally unstable individuals
  • Balances mental tension caused by stress and emotions, helps ease and stabilize emotions

  • Airplane flights & High Speed Rail
  • Soothes exhaustion caused by long public transport journeys.

  • Lowering of sleep quality
  • Adjustment of constitution, enhances sleep quality and maintain optimal health.

  • Integration of body and mind
  • Enhances the body’s energy for activities such as yoga, SPA and accessing new potential etc.

QRT Product Introduction

Achieve sounding resonance of cells through skin contact.

Reduce energy spent from different forms of stress stimulation, improving the body’s internal environment and maintain optimal health.

  • Quantum Resonance Technology Necklace
  • Patented QRT with excellent results
  • Recommended by professional athletes
  • Made from titanium alloy
  • Not restricted by the environment

  • Quantum Resonance Technology Pads
  • Small in size and convenient to use
  • Enhances focus
  • Not restricted by the environment
  • Soothes stress for the body and mind, reduces exhaustion

  • Quantum Resonance Technology Illuminator
  • Effective range of 21 meters in diameter.
  • Benefits every individual within the quantum field
  • Helps adjust disorderly resonance within the human body
  • Lasts for 2~3 days with every charge

Comparison of related technic

  • Item
  • Technic Traits
  • Wearing Time
  • Special Verification
  • QRT related patent technic
  • 1.Recovers energy for body health, enhances human body functions
    2.Strengthens energy levels, adjust physical function
    3.Stabilizes emotions, reduces stress so that the body and mind are kept at an optimal healthy condition.
  • Stabilizes emotions, reduces stress so that the body and mind are kept at an optimal healthy condition.
  • 1. Product Patent
    2.Multiple Medical Treatment Research Certification
    3.Proved effective by clinical laboratories.
    4.Over 25 reviews in medical journals.
  • Magnet, Titanium & Germanium
  • 1.Mainly provides energy and guides the release of the body’s electric current
    2.Soothes partial stress
  • Effective at the start of usage but loses effect after all energy is released
  • N/A
  • Quartz Mineral
  • 1.Releases energy for the human body. Requires more than 3 kilograms to be effective.
    2.Most can only sooth emotions. If the quartz is not purified and maintained on a daily basis, the absorbed negative energy might harm the human body.
  • Slow to take into affect.
  • N/A
  • Infrared Products
  • 1.Helps the body generate heat and eliminate muscle exhaustion and ache.
    2.Enhances metabolism effect.
  • Requires the accumulations of a period of time before effects can be seen. Loses effect after all energy is released
  • N/A
  • Energy Ceramics
  • 1.Energy ceramics with infrared energy can promote blood circulation.
    2.Fraud and deceptive businesses will inject excessive amounts of radiation minerals to achieve more apparent results but is harmful to the human health.
  • Effective at the start of usage but loses effect after all energy is released
  • N/A
  • Other Energy Products
  • 1.Fraud claims of being able to release negatively charged ion or infrared energy that eliminates exhaustion and enhance body functions etc.
    2.Placebo effect only and does not actually benefit the body.
  • No effects at all
  • N/A


QWhat does it feel like to wear a Quantum Resonance Technology necklace?
    Around 20% of the people feel a difference within the first week of wearing it. This includes reduced exhaustion, soothed stress, feeling more energetic, feeling sharper in terms of logical thinking and emotional stability. The rest of the 80% can also feel significant differences through long-term wear.
QHow does Quantum Resonance Technology benefit the average person?
    Every individual is born with their own energy to maintain their health. When we encounter pressure, these energies are often repressed resulting in different medical problems. Quantum Resonance Technology helps reduce stress from exhaustion, and recovering the original energy of the human body.
QWhich part of the body should you wear the Quantum Resonance Technology necklace? Does it work if you keep it on the exterior of your clothes?
    The best location is near the heart and on your wrists. Clothes do not interfere with its effects. If you want more obvious results, we recommend you turn the side of the necklace with metallic plates toward you.
QCan children, pregnant woman use Quantum Resonance Technology related products?
    Quantum Resonance Technology has undergone many years of research and development tests and is proven to benefit the human body, including children and pregnant women.
QIs Quantum Resonance Technology affected by other magnetic products?
    Normal products with mild magnetic properties do not affect Quantum Resonance Technology. However, industrial magnets with a stronger pull will interfere with Quantum Resonance Technology products. Remember to remove Quantum Resonance Technology related products when undergoing an MRI examination.

Broad application, providing customized product services

  • Quantum Resonance Technology can be applied to low frequency instrument therapy to achieve greater health benefits.
  • Research development of Quantum Resonance Technology can provide individual acupuncture point with patented Quantum Resonance Technology pads.
  • Research development of Quantum Resonance Technology can provides menstruation pain pads for different customer groups.
  • Research development of Quantum Resonance Technology can provides Rings, bracelets, economizers, wine coolers, watches, illuminator, cell phone patches, ect.
  • Patented Quantum Resonance Technology products can customize customized product logos.
Quantum Resonance Technology Series Products are professional health supplementary apparatuses. Many doctors agree if the human body can enhance the ability to handle stress, visible benefits will appear for the human body, including a balanced and improve strength.
When using Quantum Resonance Technology Series Products alongside other illnesses or diseases, do not delay treatment, ignore professional medical inquiry or stop on-going medical treatments.
If you have any medical or health inquiries regarding the usage of related products, such as whether patients with implemented artificial pacemakers, Cardiac Arrhythmia can use Quantum Resonance Technology Series Products, please first seek the advice of professional doctors or other medical institutes. Thank you!
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