Full Range integration service for health and technology products.



Development of Ingredients

Development of Ingredients Have rich natural ingredients to develop the opportunities of health-care biotechnology

Biomed Herbal has played an active part in biotechnology field. All ingredients are chosen with standards of nature and health. We focus on developing harmless, zero-polluting, and fully absorbable top ingredients. In addition to providing brands and ingredients from around the world, we also have rich experience and deep strength for developing various ingredients with unique properties.

Marketing Planning

Marketing Planning Precise positioning marketing strategies to create a sudden emergence of the Blue Ocean

Market opportunities exist in the differences between products. Making precise positioning for customers’ marketing strategies is our greatest task. Professional operation team has many years’ marketing experience, marking sensitivity and top capability of analyzing to help customers develop strategies of products, analyze feasibility, lead costumers to develop Blue Ocean and create strongly competitive products.

Parallel Integration

Parallel Integration Develop advanced and optimal process to establish foundation for leading productivity

Biomed Herbal uses the strongest parallel integration platform in the health-care ingredient market as our position. Professional R & D team constantly thinks from customers’ perspective how to transcend the best quality and reduce cost. Therefore, we expand the professional and top HOPE Laboratory, get many patents and even use advanced equipment and production lines in order to have production with high efficiency and assist customers in every aspect to improve efficiency and optimize productivity.

Inspection Logistics

Inspection of logistics Rigorous testing protects the quality, and warehousing and logistics are quick and strict

Providing ingredients with top quality and pursuing perfect quality are our constant insistence. The introduction of every ingredient is through the strict inspection and is closely monitored by professional department of quality control from ingredients to products to ensure safety and quality. Process, order placing, packaging, and shipping of warehousing and logistics are all handled safely and quickly in the temperature-controlled warehouse.